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Juliette Cummins Shows Her Breasts
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Juliette Cummins is not a porn star; she is a very lovely red head from the 80s horror scene. In the video clip she strips down nude and shows us her perfect little ass. This is the way women should look. She is so natural and sexy! This is all part of our Halloween tribute at You can download every Friday the 13th nude scene from right now!
Length: 01:41
Juliette Cummins Nude Boob Closeup
Juliette Cummins Nude...
Juliette Cummins was killed by Jason, if you didnt see that clip, it is right below this one. Anyway, a kid walks in to the room and finds her naked with her breasts out. We all know she is not really dead, so I feel Im being honest when I say her breasts look pretty damn good.
Length: 00:10