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Hot Black Nude Celeb Pam Grier Shows Off Her Big Bush
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Description: Pam Grier and a buttload of hot ass 70s bitches are getting roughed up by some douchebags in warrior wear. They are stripped naked and bathed in public while some chicken plucking bitches are laughing at them. Damn chicken pluckers. Check out the pussy fro on Pam! Damn!
length: 01:31 | views: 35129 | added: 2011-01-23 17:19:09 | submitted by: nude celebs
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Hot Black Celeb Pam Grier Completely Nude
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You like curves? Do you like black curves? Well hot damn have I got a clip for you... Blackplotation Queen Pam Grier sheds her clothes and everything else in this clip from Coffy. Pam might have my favorite natural tits of all time.
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Pam Grier Saunters Across the Room Topless
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Pam Grier in her Blaxploitation heyday! Perfect huge natural tits on this sexy black nude celeb. This clip is from Hit Man and I know for sure I would hit that! Pam takes her top off and wiggles across the room to climb into bed with her man.
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Who does not love a women in jail movie? Pam Grier and friends are enjoying a nice friendly shower together and this fantastic director captured all of this on film. We get a nice long look at several topless women all wet and incarcerated. Hot.
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